Garnet Lacy, witch in hiding, is trying to kick her supernatural habits and blend into the normal world.  Garnet lands a job at an occult bookstore and is on her way to normalcy, when Sebastian Von Traum walks into the store looking for mandrake root. Garnet knows something is fishy when she doesn’t see an aura and realizes that Sebastian is a vampire…and has a few problems of his own. Looks like Garnet can’t kick the supernatural after all.

Garnet is a witty, fickle character and a bit on the shallow side, but I did enjoy reading about her.  The book in its entirety didn’t rock my world, but I was entertained – which is what the author intended.  Garnet’s actions were sometimes annoying, but the writing was terrific and the world Hallaway created was original.  I did pick up the second novel “Dead Sexy” and enjoyed the book also, but it wasn’t a series that had me thrumming.  I wouldn’t mind moving on to the next book, but its not high on my TBR list. 

I really love the covers! Something about those boots. The cover art is by Margarete Gockel, and designed by Monica Benalcazar.  The cover gets five glasses, the book 3.5. I do recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good, light paranormal romance – I would describe it as if the Shopaholic was a witch and being hunted by the Catholic Church.