When I received the Apple iPod Touch for my birthday I was very excited. Being an Apple junkee – (I’ll elaborate my addiction – 2 Mac Pros and a MacBook) – I was jonesing big time for an iPhone. Unfortunately, I have signed my soul to T-Mobile and my spidey sense picks up the hint of evil every time I near an AT&T dealer…so…*sigh* no iPhone for me (at least within the next 14 months). Next best thing, iPod Touch, it can do everything an iPhone can do, except the phone thingy. No pics and vid either.

What I didn’t know, was that my bitty iPod came with Kindle already installed. I know what you are thinking…kindle *hiss* *boo*. I like my books, I like the smell, I like the texture. I don’t want to go cross-eyed and light blind from that stinky little screen. When my dad had mentioned he wanted a kindle – the big daddy from the amazon store – I told him it was silly to spend that money. I HAVE EATEN MY WORDS. I love my kindle. I want a book, two clicks and its downloaded right to my screen. Not to mention its cheaper so I’m saving. The screen is fine, I read just perfectly and have not suffered any migraines or brain cancer.

I even can get books before the release date, because eBooks are releaseing before their paper counterparts. I’m saving trees (Go Green!), and I can bring it everywhere! I’m not hauling a large paperback or hardcover, it fits in my pocket, purse, etc. I can read if I’m standing in line at the bank, or sitting at my desk and waiting for my computer to reboot because it needed to update. The most convenient is when I’m doing cardio – you know how hard it is to read while you are doing the elliptical or on the treadmill – those thick books just can’t rest on that little shelf. Or, the book keeps closing, you have to prop it open with a hair clip – not anymore with my handy little iPod. I just prop it up on the little shelf and with one flick of my finger, page turn. Not to mention I can listen to my music and read at the same time, the whole time doing my cardio routine!

BUT – the best thing…Amazon gives tons of kindle books away for FREE!
Here is a short list of some free books from the Kindle store:

Not to mention tons of FREE classics, like Dracula, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Pride and Prejudice…the list goes on. The kindle is the best thing I didn’t buy. I really recommend going out and getting the iPod Touch. You get the MP3 player, the video player, all those crazy Apps (my favorite is Lose it – I’ve lost 40 lbs just watching my calories and fat intake) – and you get the Kindle. I haven’t found anything wrong with it yet. I’m reading my first free book now – Full Moon Rising. I know this isn’t a book review, but I just had to rave about my new toy!