In celebration of 50 followers and the approaching 1-month anniversary of this blog, I have decided to have TWO contests. Yes, can you believe it? I’ve only been up and running for a month – seems like I’ve been pestering you guys for ages, right?

This is going to be my first attempt at a contest, so I decided to do two to see how well they go over. Read on for more information on both contests. For the second contest (The Harlequin by Laurell K. Hamilton) click here.

The Design Giveaway – Contest #1
Representation.  This is not what the design will look like, unless of course you want this for your banner!

Who wouldn’t want a custom designed banner for their blog? Better yet, who wouldn’t want a custom designed banner for their blog, designed by a real, live, graphic designer??? I’m actually pretty excited about this contest. I’ve been designing for ten years, mostly for the health industry (if you’ve gotten an orthodontic mailer in your mail box – most likely it is my design). So, this is my offer, if you are selected for this contest I will design a top header banner and a promotional banner that you can place on your sidebar for other people to “grab”.

The headers and graphics of this blog, along with the Blog with Bite site are all custom graphics – if you are selected, you can have custom graphics too! If your name is picked, I’ll send you a little questionnaire (through email) to fill out (what is the name of your blog? url? What image would you like to have in it? Etc.) and once I receive that back, I’ll have the header and sidebar image to you rather quickly for you and your followers viewing pleasure. Sound like something you would want? Well enter the contest!

Contest deadline is September 16th – my Bloggy Anniversary. Winner will be chosen on the 17th.

Design Contest Rules
  • Contest is open to everyone, since there will be no shipping involved. If you do need the header text in another language, – specifically a non-alphanumeric – I will need you to send me a graphic (jpg) of the header. (Just know English, a bit of French and pathetic amount of Spanish – uno dos tres)
  • Enter the contest by commenting on this post – don’t forget to leave your email address!
  • Contest deadline is Sept. 16th, 11:59 CST
Increase your changes to win!

+2 Become a follower
+3 Already a follower
+1 Blog about this contest (post link for proof)
+1 Grab the PJV banner and post on your sidebar (post link for proof)