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Blog with Bite is a group review effort. The reviewers of BWB love the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres and are united to bring you the best reviews possible. We will also be discussing the book and looking into new and exciting authors in our beloved genre.

This joint effort will expose your blog to new readers and new friends! Join today.

The current BWB book is Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis.

Synopsis: Shelby’s been making a few mistakes lately, primarily with the boys. But, her stepmother is really overreacting, especially when she suggests to her father that they send her to brat camp! Her entire summer ruined, prom cancelled – in exchange for weeks in the wilderness with a bunch of other dysfunctional teenagers.

At camp Shelby meets Austin Bridges III, very mysterious…and awfully cute. But, Austin isn’t just your run of the mill hottie. He’s also got a few problems – well they are at brat camp – and he needs Shelby to help him out. Shelby can’t turn down a boy in need, but she might just get into a lot of trouble for this one.
If you are interested in joining BWB and review Never Cry Werewolf, go to the web site and sign up!

The deadline for signing up for Never Cry Werewolf is Sept 21st so get on over there! A new book will be chosen quickly following sign-up deadline.