A Borther's Price

Genre: Fantasy

Synopsis: In a world where males are rarely born, they’ve become a commodity-traded and sold like property. Jerin Whistler has come of age for marriage and his handsome features have come to the attention of the royal princesses. But such attentions can be dangerous-especially as Jerin uncovers the dark mysteries the royal family is hiding.

I thought I might share with everyone, a book that I always come back to. It is not a classic, or even a well known novel, but the story is touching and almost kind of innocent and it always is a good fantasy escape.

The book is set in an alternate reality, comparable to 16th, 17th century. The big difference in this world is a gender reversal. Women greatly outnumber the men, so they are the dominant sex and men are considered property. A family’s fortune is actually decided by how many males they birth.

The protagonist is Jerin Whistler, a male of worth, from a warrior family. His family might not have the most spotless of histories (they "stole" their first male) but they have become a family of good standing and a bit of wealth, because the females of his family have given birth to four sons. Those four sons are a great prize and it actually means that his sisters can trade or sell Jerin to get a husband of their own. This "sale" is called A Brother’s Price.

Jerin is beautiful, well tempered and from a good family so the sister’s know they will fetch a great price or trade for him. He is of age so all of his sisters are very hopeful of a good sale.

The story gets interesting when a stranger is wounded on their land. Jerin finds the woman while accompanied by younger sisters, so he shirks propriety and assists the beautiful stranger, instead of leaving her for dead. Jerin takes the stranger into the family’s home and cares for her. Soon after, the strangers family comes for her and the Whistlers discover Jerin saved the life of the princess Odelia. When one of the princess’ take a liking to Jerin his whole world is turned upside down…

I highly recommend this book to fantasy lovers. It is a unique take on gender roles and propriety. Spencer is a wonderful author and I love most of what she has written. This is one of my favorite of hers, but I do like Tinker a wee bit more – I think it is the elves. Always a sucker for pointy ears.