FOXReturns Sept. 17th

Fringe does have a lot of fans and there is great excitement about this series…but I just kept thinking…"ugh Pacey"…every time I tried to watch this show…and "man can that chick stop pursing her lips! She’s a friggin’ FBI agent or something."


FOXReturns Sept. 25th

Joss Whedon himself will be writing and directing the premiere. Hell yeah! Looking forward to this one.




ABC – Debut Sept 23rd

Synopsis: Based on the novel by John Updike and inspired by the popular movie The Witches of Eastwick, this series follows three very different women who find they suddenly possess very unique powers when a mysterious (and very handsome) man arrives in their small New England town.

The Witches of Eastwick was a hit movie (starring Jack Nicholson), so why not make it a tv series??? Descriptions of this series are giving everyone high hopes for its future, but with re-releases of 90210, Melrose Place, etc., I’m just betting that the net. execs are trying to suck up those aging Charmed fans. Let’s keep hoping though, if it’s done properly it could be a very good series. Yet, FOX & NBC both tried this concept – leading to two pilots that crashed and burned.



ABCDebut Sept 24th

Synopsis: Based on the sci-fi novel by Robert J. Sawyer, this series follows the repercussions of a cataclysmic event that knocks out the entire population of the world for two minutes and 17 seconds at the same time, allowing everyone to see several months into their own futures. The series main focus is on a group of characters determined to figure out how and why this unprecedented event took place and how they might be able to change their unsettling futures.

The World has a black out and then there is a lot of wondering of what it means. Different? Yes. Will it work?Word is they have put a lot of money into this, a lot of time and it is well shot. I’m going to check it out, but I believe it might do a Fringe Fizzle for me…suck me in with the script, but they the shallowness of the characters might push me away.

Legend of the Seeker

ABC Airs 10/31

Based on the series, The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. This series is hard to follow and I never know when a new one is coming on. I did see the first couple of shows and it was pretty good – as long as the main character kept taking his shirt off! Phew, I wasn’t this bad in high school.



ABCDebut Nov 3rd

Synopsis: Today, the world woke up to find spaceships over every major city. The Visitors claim to have come in peace, bringing gifts of medical miracles and technological breakthroughs. They promise to do no harm. They’re lying.

Based on an mini-series that aired in 1983 and then a subsequent weekly series that didn’t pan out that well. Critics are putting big question marks by this series, considering that only the mini-series did well, and once the big reveal of the aliens is shown, the scripts flounder.



The Prisoner – (mini-series)


Synopsis: A man, known as "Six," finds himself inexplicably trapped in "The Village" with no memory of how he arrived. As he explores his environment, he discovers that his fellow inhabitants are identified by number instead of name, have no memory of any prior existence, and are under constant surveillance. Not knowing whom to trust, Six is driven by the need to discover the truth behind The Village, the reason for his being there, and most importantly — how he can escape.

Six-part mini-series, reinterpretation of the 1960’s cult classic, "The Prisoner." There are some big names in this mini-series and talk of a show spin-off. Seems to be something that I’ll keep my eye on.


Ghost Whisperer

CBSReturns Sept 25th


CBSReturns Sept 25th



NBC – Returns Sept. 21st

As Heroes goes into its 4th season, people are speculating that this is the last one. After a dismal 6 million viewers by the end of the 3rd season, the 4th season better really impress, or the network might just flush this big budget sci-fi drama.



Vampire Diaries

CW, Debuts Sept 10th (Tonight)

Synopsis: Elena Gilbert has always been a star student; beautiful, popular and involved with school and friends. As the fall semester begins, Elena becomes fascinated with mysterious new boy in school, Stefan Salvatore, and she has no way of knowing he is a centuries-old vampire. While Stefan struggles to live peacefully among humans, his brother Damon is the embodiment of violence and brutality. Now these two vampire brothers – one good, one evil – are at war for Elena’s soul in the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia.

One of my hopefuls for this season. They are trying to eat up a young demographic so the plot lines might be a bit on the juvenile side, here’s hoping that they keep the series on track with the books, but since I’ve already noticed a few chang ups, just in the preview (younger teen brother, brunette…) I don’t have much hope for that.

Read my other article regarding this series.


CW, Returns Sept 10th


CW, Returns Sept 25th



Stargate: Universe

SyfyDebuts, Oct 2

Synopsis: A band of soldiers, scientists and civilians are forced through a stargate when their hidden base comes under attack. The desperate survivors emerge aboard an ancient ship, The Destiny, which is locked on an unknown course and unable to return to Earth. Faced with meeting the most basic needs of food, water and air, the group must unlock the secrets of the ship’s stargate to survive. The danger, adventure and hope they find on board Destiny will reveal the heroes and villains among them.

There have been a few of these Stargate movie and series, but this is penning to be the BIG one. The Battlestar Galactica of the Stargate series. I never watched BG – but I saw a preview and it looked good…who knows, I might watch this but my DVR list is getting a little overcrowded.


SyfyReturns, Oct 9