Set in the world of Mercy Thompson, Alpha & Omega is a novella that was released  in On The Prowl anthology. offered the one story only for download on Kindle and I couldn’t pass it up.  I had read a few reviews in regards to Cry Wolf and a lot of them had recommended reading this short before starting on the A&O series.

The protagonist of this series is Anna Latham, recently changed werewolf.  Anna is terrorized within her pack, she was changed against her will and has been subsequently brutalized and lorded over by the other dominants.  When she realizes that her pack is breaking the rules set-up by the Marrock (the reigning leader of the North American werewolves) she makes a phone call to the leader and her world is changed forever.

The Marrock sends his son and enforcer, Charles to Chicago and Charles must protect Anna and discover what exactly is wrong with the Chicago pack. Charles is surprised to find that there is something seriously wrong with the pack and Anna is a rare and treasured wolf, an Omega.

I am very glad that I purchased this short story.  From the Mercy Thompson series I had been a little put off by Charles Cornick, but his character is expanded here and he becomes more of a likable, if not, more understood character. I also really like Anna and believe that the pack dynamic will be more understood and appreciated in the A&O series than it is in the Mercy Thompson series.

I recommend this short story if you are a fan of Briggs and even if you have never read one of her books.  It definitely made me want to read on to Cry Wolf, which starts off right where Alpha & Omega ends.