Just recently, my greatness has been recognized, with some very prestigious awards! They made my day! And if I’m understanding the tradition correctly (I haven’t finished reading Blogging Community for Dummies) I am supposed to pass these on to other deserving members of the blogging community. Being the over-achiever I am, I have also decided to create my own little award. 
This “B-I-N-G-O” Beautiful Blog Award means that this blog is:
B: Beautiful- Melissa @ Books & Things
I: Informative- Terra On the Bookshelf
N: Neighborly-
Tina @ TinasBookReviews
O: Outstanding-
Rachel @ Bookworm Wannabe
The Lemonade Award, an award for blogs that show great attitude.
Passing the torch to: Opinionated? Me?
Addict Award
The addict award (blogs I want to be when I grow up) goes to: Faye @ Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm
Misty @ Book Rat