A Girls Dating Guide in the Paranormal Community

So if you had to choose between a vamp and a wolf, whom would you choose? Vamps seem to always win out in popular fiction. Poor Jacob, poor Richard. Is it their tumultuous nature? Or maybe werewolves are a little too dominating, where vamps are patient by nature. What is it that draws these protagonist to the blood-suckers instead of the moon-called and if you were forced to choose, what is the paranormal of your dreams?
In this hypothetical world, you’re a human hot to trot and ready to get on the dating train, but your stuck in a quandary of sorts, do you sign up for eVein.com and go for the tall, dark and fangy? Or, do you give in to your more animalistic nature and sign up for PerfectMate.com? Both are $35 a month, but you can only afford one, which paranormal kinda hunk do you choose?
To make an informed decision we should break down what both types bring to the table and who would make the better soul-mate.
On the subjects of souls we should bring up that little matter. Do vampires have souls? Are werewolves inherently evil? I really like Angel a lot more when he has his soul than when he doesn’t, but the other vamps, even without their souls, loved and mourned, do souls matter that much? I rooted for Spike. Is it even a fact that vamps are soulless, they could have one, I mean how do us humans know we even have a soul? Then, where does this inherently evil stuff come from? Is anything even inherently evil? Werewolves most likely have the same free will as the rest of us; therefore they have a choice between good and evil.
I don’t think anyone comes ahead in this match. Tie.

There is something sexual about drinking blood, most likely stemming from the areas of common withdrawal. Each area is an erogenous zone, the neck, the inner thigh, even the wrist are all stimulated with kisses, why not deepen the kiss? And then there is the bite, which is only another form of penetration. I wouldn’t flinch from a little love nip.

Then there is the diet of the werewolf. Not so sexy. Raw meat? Live animals? Ripping, tearing flesh from bones. Not something that brings warm and fuzzy feelings to my inner peace of mind.
Vamps definitely come out on top on this one. Vamp.

Vamps are usually described as pale skinned, dark haired, dark or red eyed and they are usually muscled but not overly. The going trend in dress seems to be lace and leather, pretty shirts and tight pants. And they love to wear black. Long hair seems to also stereo-type this race. There skin has been described as cold, hard, marble-like and impenetrable. They are often described as living statues, never breathing, no beating of the heart, they only have to move to imitate human, not for comfort.

The wolves are the polar opposites of the vamps in looks. They are usually described as tanned or dark, with hair colors ranging from the reds, browns and blondes. They are living, breathing, predators and their baser nature translates to their very male appearance. Facial hair is usually there, 5’o’clock shadows are always there. These aren’t smooth-chested adolescents…these are men. They have muscles galore, and are usually large men. They run hot, their heart rate is usually described as accelerated, they are constantly in motion, they are constantly aware. I see werewolves wearing jeans, nothing frilly or effeminate on these boys.
Werewolves take this one in my opinion. Wolf
The long-lived vamps usually have a personality that is interpreted like their physical traits. They are stoic, patient and hard to change. Their nature doesn’t seem to be passionate, but because of that baser nature, if they were to fall in love it would be a very forever kind of love and not just a whim. They wouldn’t play games, but I would believe they would have a hard heart to win.
Werewolves have those animal instincts. They are very dominant creatures and they may tend to dominate you and try to bend you to their will. It would take a very strong woman to tame a wild wolf, yet a female in a wolf pack has just as much chance of becoming the alpha as a male does. They would be very protective of you, their chosen mate would be a prize to be guarded and protected. But would that get to be too much, a little bit of jealousy is sometimes flattering, but too much might be overbearing.
This can be interpreted either way based on your personality, but I don’t enjoy being dominated, so I believe for me the Vamp wins on this. Vamp.
Family & Friends
Vampires tend to be solitary creatures. They do have friends and sometimes a coven, a kiss, or a sith, depending on who you talk with. Their friends can be a bit on the scary side, especially if they are new or very very old. They make friends for life, and usually when a relationship breaks up it doesn’t end well. The good thing about the age thing is there will not be any pesky mother-in-laws or crazy aunts. Turn it around though and they might have a lot of ex-girlfriends that just won’t die.
Werewolves always run in a pack, there will be plenty of group meetings and boys night out, especially around the time of the full moon. Their group dynamic might get in the way of your relationship, what if he is the alpha? Does this mean he has the right to every female in his pack? What if he is not the alpha and is a lot lower on the pecking order, does this mean some high-handed rough neck gets to order your man around all the time? If you have a hot weekend planned and it comes in the way of some pack business will he cancel?
This is a tough one, but I would rather take on a pack of high-strung men than a teaming horde of undead exes. Wolf
Vamps, being the old creatures they are tend to accumulate wealth. If you stick 1000 bucks in a savings account that garners 1% interest…well in 10 years you double your money, think about what 100 years would do. Especially if you like to collect baseball cards in your youth. They also have the time for schooling and self-teaching, which usually leads to better jobs.
Not to stereo-type or anything, but werewolves just seem to bring out the baser elements in life. It would seem they would more likely hold down blue-collar jobs, instead of more refined careers. There nature is in the physical instead of the mind, so jobs such as firefighter, military, police officer, mercenary etc., come to mind. While these are all very respectable and intimidating, do they pay well? Not so much.
If you don’t want to live pay-check to pay-check vamps might be your tickets, but I always liked a man in uniform. Wolf.
Happily Ever After
Vamps happily ever after ends with you becoming a vampire. There is no way around it, to age next to them while they stayed perpetually young would break your heart, not to mention it would raise a few eyebrows. (Picture yourself in the grocery store shopping with your man. You’ve been together for 30 years and are in-love. Everyone is staring, is it because of the happiness you are radiating, or the fact that he looks 17 and you look 50? Can you say Debra LaFavre?
There are a few variations on immortality and the werewolf. From most perspectives a wolf ages just like any other human, but there have been a few rumors that wolves posses some kind of slowed aging process that keeps them younger for longer. If this is true the same thing applies to them as it does to vamps. You might have to be changed to get that happily ever after, and from what the reports say changing into a werewolf is a much scarier process than going vamp.
I would rather be bitten than eaten. Vamp.
This is where the meat and potatoes come into play. What would you prefer, stay up all night and sleep all day? Run and frolic in the woods? Live in a windowless mansion or a cabin deep in the forrest?
I’ve never been an outdoorsy type kinda girl. Vamp.
Well that sums up the main areas. In my world I would be signing up for eVein.com, seeing as Vamps got 4 points, while the wolves came in close with 3. This rather surprised me, because my hubby would definitely be a wolf (dark haired, dark sinned, ex military, muscled, needs to shave in the am & pm, he does force me to step away from the computer and go outside a lot).
Who wins for you? Are there other factors that I didn’t mention?