April 1 through April 7

The first Twitter Based Book Blogger Conference

We can’t have a conference without an award ceremonies. These are the categories you can nominate your favorite bloggers in.

Book Blogger Twitter Con 2013

twitter queenThe Ultimate #BBTC Award. There is only 1 Twitter Queen or King. Nominate your favorite blog and they will run against each other. Bloggers with the highest votes will hold court as the Twitter Queen or King of the Book Blogger Community.

To be nominated for Twitter Queen or King the bloggers must posses the following attributes:

  • A Blog in Good Standing*
  • A Blog that is updated regularly
  • A Blog that has been in operation for at least a year

The blogger with the most votes will get the crown. The second and third spots will be members of the court.

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Miss Congeniality

The personality of the blogosphere! Is it you? Is it your bestie? We want personality that shows in everything they do. Their writing, their interactions with other nominees. Miss Congeniality or Mister if it is the case, will be chosen from all nominees and they will be voted on by the awards participants. When you nominate for any category, you are also nominating for Miss/Mr Congeniality.

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Blog Awards:

  1. Best Overall Blog Award 2013
    • Who has the best blog out there? Nominate them for the Overall Best Blog Award. The Best Overall Blog must be outstanding in their craft. Excellent writing, good presentation and organization.
    • To be eligible for the Best Overall Blog Award, bloggers must possess the following attributes:
      • A Blog in Good Standing*
      • A Blog that is updated regularly
      • A Blog that has been in operation for at least a year
  2. Well-Written
    • Who turns the best phrase?  Who spins the best tale? Basically whose blog has, with their words, the ability to make you so jealous of their skills, that you want to cry. (unlike how I phrased that sentence)
  3. Best Group Blog
    • The Best blog with multiple authors
  4. Best Giveaways
    • Who hosts the best giveaways or giveaway hops?  Nominate them for this award.
  5. Best Meme
    • What are some of your favorite memes. Nominate them!
  6. Noob
    • The Noob award! For the start-up blog of awesome.
    • To be eligible for the Noob Award, blogs must meet the following requirements:
      • A Blog in Good Standing*
      • A Blog that is updated regularly
      • A Blog that has been in operation less than 1 year
  7. Best Feature
    • Which features do you love? Do you visit these features on a regular basis? Nominate them!
  8. Most Creative
    • Which blogger is just bursting with good ideas? Nominate them!
  9. Overachiever
    • There are just some bloggers that reach for the stars and don’t stop. They have a blog, they write, they are a mom to ten kids and have a full time job. What…? Nominate away.


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Author Awards:

Nominate your favorite authors for the following awards:

  1. Best Cover Award (Published 2012)
  2. Best Book (Published 2012) Adult
  3. Best Book (Published 2012) YA
  4. Best Indie (Published 2012)

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Voting on the nominees will begin March 1st.

*Bloggers of good standing can not have been involved in anything that damages the Book Blogger community in any way. We have a right to disqualify any nominations in which we feel would jeopardize the integrity of the BBTC with affiliation or association or if a complaint is made about a particular blogger’s actions, especially during the voting process.

**Creators and sponsors are also not eligible for any BBTC awards, along with the memes they host or their features. Nominees must not be associated with a paid book promotion businesses or publishing blogs.

***Moderators and panelist will be allowed nominations, they will not be a part of the voting/decision process. Sponsors though, are not eligible for awards because of conflict of interest.

****If fraud is suspected the blog(s) being nominated will be disqualified. This is an honor system and not everything can be caught. Remember this is FUN. You are not doing your “favorite” blog any favors by nominating them multiple times.