Lori Foster’s No Limits #Blogtour

Lori Foster’s No Limits #Blogtour

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Lori Foster’s No Limits #Blogtour

No Limits by Lori Foster

Ultimate #1
Published by: Harlequin, HQN on September 1, 2014
Genres: Adult, Romance, Romantic Suspense
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PJV Quickie: While No Limits is full of fighter-hero goodness, there was actually not any time in the ring, which surprised me.  I didn’t really feel the attraction between the hero and heroine, but one of the secondary characters kept me entertained.

Review: Cannon Coulter is a professional fighter who’s been called back to his hometown of Warfield, Ohio, because of the death of a friend, Tipton Sweeney. The lawyer informs him he’s inherited half of Tipton’s home and pawn shop.  The other half goes to Tipton’s daughter, Yvette.

Yvette Sweeney has also come back to Warfield from California and plans to sell the properties and give Cannon his half.  He was involved in a widely-publicized rescue years ago when Yvette had been kidnapped.  She’d carried a hero worship for him for so long, but now she just wants to release Cannon of any obligation to her so he can get on with his life and she can go back to hers.

What Yvette doesn’t know is that Cannon hasn’t been able to shake her from his mind and is looking forward to re-kindling their acquaintance… and then some.


Here’s the thing: I thought this was a new series, but it is apparently a spin-off of her Love Undercover series, specifically the last book, Dash of Peril. I read the Love Undercover series, all except Dash of Peril.  Which is probably why I kept thinking that I was missing something, and I actually double-checked to make sure this was the first book in the series.  Once things were moving along and some of the characters from the Love Undercover books made cameos, I realized it was a spin-off.

That being said, I did enjoy No Limits and read it in just a few sittings. As I said in my PJV quickie, I thought there would be some fighting, but the story takes place between fights, so no real ring time. There was some mystery about who was vandalizing the pawn shop and the house, which kept things moving along, but the relationship between Cannon and Yvette was kind of flat for me; I just didn’t feel the attraction between them; I don’t know if this would have been different if I had read Getting Rowdy first.

I did love Cannon’s best friend, Armie – a kinky, flirty playboy who is in love with Cannon’s sister, Rissy, and fighting it all the way.  I’m thinking they’re going to have a really good story between them. The other fighters from Cannon’s gym were fun guys and I enjoyed their teasing camraderie between them, so I do plan to continue with this series.

Recommendations: If you like Fighter-Heroes or Romantic Suspense, you may want to give No Limits a try. Fans of Michelle Mannon’s “Worth the Fight” series or Vi Kreeland’s “MMA Fighters” will probably enjoy Knock Out.

Young Adult Paranormal RomanceYoung Adult Paranormal RomanceYoung Adult Paranormal Romance

Ready for an excerpt from the book?

CANNON COULDN’T STOP looking at her. Damn, he’d remembered her as pretty, but she’d matured into killer good looks—and didn’t seem to know it. An angel’s face paired with that trim but curvy figure, and yeah, he was pretty sure every guy in the place had already started fantasizing.
Too bad, because none of them would touch her.
If he’d had any doubts about wanting her, they were put to rest in a big way. Instead of three years, it felt like a decade he’d been waiting on her. Yes, he wanted her. He would have her, too.
The only question was how soon.
A few weeks ago she’d lost her grandfather, and she probably needed time to acclimate to being home around the unpleasant memories. He’d love to segue right from hello to hell yeah, but he also enjoyed just looking at her and talking with her.
Sipping her Coke, Yvette stole a peek at him. Feathery lashes framed those big green eyes he remembered so well—eyes that used to watch him with innocent infatuation, but now seemed wary. She sat straight, proper. Spoke carefully. Avoided his direct gaze.
As Tipton had said, she was guarded.
She wore makeup, but not a lot. Even in a ponytail, her long dark hair made him think of it spilled loose on his pillows, or gliding over his chest.
Or his thighs.
And her clothes, while casual, covered such a sweet body it left him visually undressing her.
Knowing he had to get a grip, he asked, “Are you hungry?”
She shook her head. “But please go ahead and eat if you want.”
“I’m good.” Arms folded on the top of the booth, he smiled. “I can’t get over how much you’ve changed.”
That pleased her, he could tell. “It’s been almost three and a half years.”
Long enough for her to put the past behind her? To put him behind her? No, he wouldn’t let her. “I’m so damn sorry about Tipton.”
“Thank you.” She set the drink aside, then nervously drew her finger through the damp ring the glass had left on the booth top. “I wanted to talk to you about that. About—”
“Hey, Saint.” Two guys sidled up to the table. “Can we get a pic?”
Cannon forced his gaze away from Yvette. “Sure.” He would never alienate a fan, but damn, the timing could be better. Yvette had been screwing up her courage to say something. Now he had to wonder what.
Stepping out of the booth, he bent a little to put himself more in line with the shorter guys, and with a double thumbs-up, smiled as a plump lady used her cell phone to snap a few photos.
That only seemed to unleash other fans, and before he knew it, he was posing with men and women alike. Some wanted to hug him, some wanted him in a fighter’s stance, a few just wanted him to mug for the camera. Before he could get a handle on things, he’d taken around twenty photos and signed more than a dozen autographs.
Yvette watched it all with a look of fascinated indulgence. When there seemed to be a lull, he reseated himself. “Sorry about that.”
“You’re popular, I understand.” Her long glossy ponytail spilled over her shoulder when she tipped her head to study him. “I watch the fights.”
That pleased him more than it should have. “Yeah? What do you think?”
“You’re pretty amazing.”
He held back his grin. “I do my best.”
That earned a short laugh. “Humble too.” Shaking her head, she teased, “No wonder they call you the Saint.”
He’d rarely heard her laugh before, and hearing it now did funny things to him. It was nice. Rich. Husky.
A turn-on…


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Shatter by Erin McCarthy #Review

Shatter by Erin McCarthy #Review

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Shatter by Erin McCarthy #Review
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PJV Quickie: I’ve consistently rated this series 4 stars, and Shatter is no different.  I love NA stories, and Erin McCarthy spins an entertaining tale – kind of dark but hopeful, with characters who don’t give up when life gets hard.  I’m sorry this is the last book in the series, as it was a series I really enjoyed.

Review: Kylie Warner has had a rough year – her boyfriend cheated on her and she moved out of her “dream apartment” with her best friends. Now she’s living alone in a small apartment, failing her chemistry class, and avoiding the ex-boyfriend.  Little does she know that her one night with the sexy chemistry tutor is going to change her life, not just her grades.

When Kylie e-mails Jonathon “Darwin” Kadisch out of the blue to meet, he’s expecting her to ask for more tutoring, not the news that he’s going to be a father.  He’s at a crossroads in his academic and professional life, but no matter what path he chooses he’s determined to be a good dad, unlike his own father.

Shatter mainly focuses on Kylie and Darwin, and Ms. McCarthy did a great job of making them human – mostly great kids (early to mid-20s) who have some flaws. I hate “perfect” heroes or heroines and neither Kylie nor Darwin is perfect and they both say and do things that hurt the other.  We know Kylie from the previous books, but Darwin is a new character – he’s a hot, tattooed nerd and I really liked him. His dad is pretty awful, but Darwin knows that and strives to be a better person because of it.

The characters from the previous books are here and it’s nice to see what’s going on with them.  Like the other books in this series, Shatter is a dark read for most of the book, there is one especially sad scene that is kind of graphic.  I am happy to say, however, that Shatter does end on a bright note and I was happy to see where things were headed with all 4 couples.

Recommendations: Recommended for fans of NA who like lots of angst in their stories, a pregnancy storyline, and creepy teachers.  Also fans of the series will enjoy this last book.  I think Shatter could be read as a stand-alone as there is a pretty good recap, but all the characters might be confusing for a new reader.

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The Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane #Review

The Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane #Review

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The Best Kind of Trouble by Lauren Dane #Review

The Best Kind of Broken by Lauren Dane

The Hurley Boys #1
Published by: Harlequin, HQN on August 26, 2014
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Amazon Goodreads
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PJV Quickie: The Best Kind of Trouble is the kind of book you take your time with, savoring each word and page like expensive chocolate because you don’t want it to end too soon.  Then, like that expensive chocolate, the taste of it lingers for you to enjoy after it’s done.

I’m going to start this review with a quote from my review of LUSH, the 3rd book in Ms.Dane’s Delicious series:

“Family” is a theme that imbues all of Ms. Dane’s novels: Not just the family you’re born with but the family you build for yourself.

Lauren Dane does what she does best in The Best Kind of Trouble, she writes strong characters, strong relationships, and gorgeous sex scenes.  Sometimes, for me, her characters are a little bit too strong, to the point they seem selfish or uncompromising, but in The Best Kind of Trouble she gets it just right. Soooo right:

Natalie Clayton is a small-town librarian who has worked hard to escape her past.  Growing up as the child of an addict, where she had been exposed to so many horrible situations that were left for her to clean up after, the most important thing in her life is having control.  Because of that, when she bumps into rock star Paddy Hurley on her way to work she pretends they don’t have a history and walks away.

Paddy Hurley is getting coffee and sees a beautiful woman in line ahead of him. She looks familiar, and he realizes she is the girl whom he had a really hot, unforgettable two-week long fling with before his band became famous.  He can’t figure out why she is pretending she doesn’t recognize him; there’s no way she could have forgotten their time together.


Reading Natalie and Paddy navigate her past and the way it’s shaped her adult life, Paddy’s rock-star lifestyle, his family, her family, and their relationship was beautiful and painful, hopeful and pleasurable.  Both Natalie and Paddy had triggers and their journey to happiness could only have been written this well by Lauren Dane.

The secondary characters have a life of their own (I’m in book-love with Paddy’s parents) and I cannot wait for the next book in the series, Broken Open, which will be Ezra and Tuesday’s story, coming in late November.

Recommendations: If you’ve read Lauren Dane’s Brown Family series, this is a great spin-off and a must-not-miss.  Fans of Victoria Dahl will want to give The Best Kind of Trouble a try. I would also recommend for fans of second-chance love, librarians, rock-star romance, and small-town romance.

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I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre #Review

I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre #Review

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I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre #Review

I Want It That Way by Ann Aguirre

2B Trilogy #1
Published by: Harlequin, HQN on August 26, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Love & Romance, New Adult
Amazon Goodreads
At parajunkee.com we accept books in exchange for a review, we also use affiliate links for Amazon.


PJV Quickie: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard Ann Aguirre was writing a New Adult series – that’s sooo different from her other books!  I am happy to say I was not disappointed; I Want it That Way was a captivating story with an emotional touch that burrows its way in and squeezes your heart until it hurts.  I love it when a book affects me like that.

Review: Nadia Conrad is a college junior working her way towards a degree in special education.  She is moving into an off-campus apartment with three of her friends.  Daniel “Ty” Tyler is a single dad who lives in the apartment underneath Nadia.  The attraction between them is slow-moving, as Nadia is concentrating on school and her job at a local day-care, and Ty is concentrating on being a father, working during the day, and going to night classes.  I loved how they started talking to each other over the balcony and things reluctantly escalated from there.

I am such a sucker for a reluctant romance, and believe me, neither Nadia nor Ty wanted to fall in love.  There is no “bad boy” or “party girl” drama here, no external conflicts such as a serial killer or natural disaster, just the sweet, difficult, challenging relationship between two people who have too many obligations and not enough hours in the day.  They were terrific together.  I should add that while I normally hate when kids are written into the story because inevitably they’re annoying; that’s not the case here: he’s not precocious, just a regular kid who loves his dad and his daycare.

I also thought Nadia’s roomies were pretty cool – Ms. Aguirre does a great job giving them interesting personalities and stories without taking over Nadia and Ty’s story.  I am very much looking forward to the next book, As Long As You Love Me, which will be the story of her roommate Lauren and someone else I’m not going to spoil for you:)

Random: Be warned – every time you pick up this book, or someone walks by while you’re reading this book, expect to hear the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want it That Way”, either out loud or in your head.  Also, I don’t know why she picked BSB titles for her books, I wasn’t really a fan back in the day so maybe it would be obvious to a fan?

Recommendations: I think if you like New Adult, or you want to try New Adult, this would be an enjoyable read for you.  Fans of reluctant romance or single-parent romance may also want to give this one a try.

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The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone #Blogtour

The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone #Blogtour

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The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone #Blogtour

The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone by Adele Griffin

Published by: SOHO Press, SOHO Teen on August 12, 2014
Genres: Girls & Women, Mystery, Social Issues
Amazon Goodreads
At parajunkee.com we accept books in exchange for a review, we also use affiliate links for Amazon.


PJV Quickie: Written in biography-style through interviews with family and friends, The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone is a chilling look at the life of a fictional teen whose talent burns brighter and brighter until it suddenly burns out, taking her young, promising life too soon. The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone is a fictionalized look at young fame, money, and mental illness that will leave you thinking about it long after you’ve read the last page.

Review:  I didn’t want to like this book as much as I did.  I’m using the word “like”, not “enjoy”, because I associate the word enjoy with fun. The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone was not fun, but it was compelling.

Addison showed talent at an early age but, like with so many artists, there was a downside to her amazing ability in the form of mental illness.  As we read accounts given by her friends, brother, parents, mentors, hangers-on, and haters, the picture that forms is compelling and sad as she goes from promising young artist to someone who’s spiraling out of control. We know how it ends before we start, but reading the bleak journey that this poor young woman takes brought out a lot of mixed emotions from me for the way it presents mental illness and suicide. We never really know if it was an accident or suicide that killed Addison, but the end effect is the same.  Not that it glamorizes suicide, but the way everyone is affected and obsessed with Addison after her death gives me concerns about a teen who is perhaps already troubled picking up this book and romanticising the aftermath of suicide.

The book is full of photos of Addison and “her” artwork, (black and white in the ARC but according to the press release there will be 63 full-color original paintings and artwork in the book) that give this story a realistic feel. There are pop-culture references and other details that make reading Addison Stone an engrossing experience that leaves the reader with the feeling that she was, indeed, a real person.

Recommendations: If you are looking for an engrossing story that touches on the perils of fame, mental illness, or enjoy documentary-style stories, The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone will probably be a good fit.  Or, if you just want to try “something different”, I would recommend giving this book a try.


The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone | Adele Griffin | Soho Teen | Hardcover | 8/12/14 | 9781616953607


As part of the Addison Stone blog tour, we’ve been asked to create something to memorialize Addison Stone.  I have created a poem from the POV of Addison’s BFF, Lucy Lim:


We were going to grow old together
Go on double-dates and  do those things besties do.
But you had another best friend that I just couldn’t compete with
and you allowed her to fill your empty spaces with lies


She took you away from me and I can’t even confront her about it


Are you with her now?
Is she allowing you the rest she wouldn’t grant you in life?
I miss you so much. I want you back.

And still, I feel relieved.



Adele GriffinAbout Adele Griffin

Adele Griffin is a two-time National Book Award finalist and the highly acclaimed author of numerous books for young adult and middle grade readers. Her works include Sons of Liberty and Where I Want to Be, and most recently, Loud Awake and Lost. Adele lives with her husband, Erich; their two young children; and their dog, Edith, in Brooklyn, New York.

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