Hi! So you want your book reviewed by Parajunkee’s View? Well, the point of a review policy is to kind of tell you how we roll as far as review copies and this acceptance thing. First the facts, right?

Parajunkee’s View is a book blog, that specializes in speculative fiction, mainly paranormal and science fiction themed mediums. We have now extended features to pick up Romance and Indie Books of all fiction genres.

Parajunkee’s View is made up of one full time reviewer, Rachel (aka Parajunkee) and two part-time reviewers, Patti (Romance: Contemporary, Paranormal, YA, Historical) and Lori (Indie).

The reviews are based solely on opinion, whether that opinion is negative or positive. If your book is reviewed, please expect honesty. Our opinions, nothing more, nothing less.

All  queries will be accepted, but responses are not guaranteed.

Book Formats

  • Bound Books
  • ARCs/Galleys
  • eBooks (PDF)
  • Audio Books (no windows media files please)


I am selective on that count. Parajunkee’s View is very genre based. Paranormal is the thing, Romance for the weekends. So books in the following genres are the only books accepted. Independently & Small Press are accepted:

  • Dark Fantasy
  • YA Paranormal
  • YA Romance
  • I will also accept erotica, but it will be reviewed under the Parajunkee After Hours and reviews will be posted, well After Hours.
  • Published Novels Only
  • Currently we have one Indie Review feature, but spots are limited

Other Things To Consider:

Parajunkee’s View will also post Press Releases if it is a pertinent update that readers of my blog would like to know about. These would be listed under the “Book Buzz” posts.

Parajunkee’s View will also post about products or events that are paranormal in nature if I believe the item or event is something my readers would like to know about.

Parajunkee’s View also does movie reviews, in the below mentioned genres.

If you are ready to request a review, please submit here.  Submission does not guarantee a review.


Where are your reviews posted?
Along with parajunkee.com reviews will also be posted on Amazon.com, I’m also trying to stay on top of posting on Lunch.com and Goodreads.com, but my priority is Amazon.comWhat do you include in your reviews?

  • Book Cover
  • Author web presence (Facebook, Twitter, Website)
  • Links to purchase on Amazon.com & BookDepository.com
  • A rating
  • The Review
  • Trailer – if it is made available

Do you review every book you receive for review?

If I read the book it will get reviewed, but sometimes there are books that I am unable to finish and if I haven’t been able to get into the book enough to give a review, the book will not be reviewed.

What is your turn around time for a review?

I am unable to give a time frame for reviews. If there is a certain time period you would like your book featured, please let me know and we can work out a promotion.
ARCs – I will try to review ARCs before the release date, I usually try to have the reviews ready a month before the release date.