Day 4 – Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge

Day 4 – Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge

Book Blogger Challenge


What is the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge you might ask? Find out more here.

Can't Ignore Books of 2014[list icon=”icon: heart” icon_color=”#792c2c”]


I’m sure there are many many more…but these are the ones I KNOW I can’t live without. What are your titles? Join in and link up…




Rachel, whom you might know as Parajunkee, is the blog owner of and the design blog Rachel has been blogging for over to five years, designing / web programming for over twelve, but her real love, reading, has been her favorite hobby since childhood. Rachel has won numerous awards for her writing, the blogs she has created and her design work.
  • Danny Bookworm

    Burned! How could I have forgotten this on my list!!! Gosh, how desperate I am for this book, but KMM doesn’t make our life easy with the push back …*sigh* I know she wants to write the best book, but then.. the wait is killing me!

    Oh and Cat & Bones… So sad that it will be the last book – it won’t be easy to say Good Bye to Bones.

    Cress is also on my list.

    Oh and .. I read Into The Still Blue already and I LOOOVED It! Was a perfect ending:)

  • Kate Towery

    I’m finally reading Through the Ever Night right now in anticipation of Into the Still Blue- very excited for it!

  • Rachel

    I have Cress, Up from the Grave and Burned on my list, too. Burned thanks to you! The long wait thanks to you too :)

    I totally wish I could have kept my list to just 6. :)

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  • Terri M LeBlanc

    Cress is on my list as well!

  • Mary @ BookSwarm

    BURNED!!!!! WOO-HOO!! I can’t wait! There are a ton of UF books out there that I’m dying for. Plus, Cress and Raging Star!

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  • Bookworm Brandee

    I can’t wait for Up from the Grave even though I hate to say goodbye to the series. And I’m also anxious to read Burned! I really want to read the Under the Never Sky series, too. :)

  • Rainy Dayz Reviewz

    I can’t wait for Up from the Grave either. Now that I finished my post I’m all excited for the new books coming out!

  • Insightful Minds

    I want to read Burned too! :)

  • Chioma O.

    I’m a bit late but I think I will start from Day 5 tomorrow so far I only have day one up.

    – Chioma from

  • Lizzy Lessard

    I still haven’t started the Under the Never Sky series…I’m slacking horribly.

  • Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf

    Great list! Cress is one that I can’t wait to read either:) Though I forgot to put it on my list!

  • Captain Bec

    I haven’t actually started any of the series you listed, except for Under the Never Sky but I’ve only read the first novel of that (need to get my hands on the second…). I hope you get to read them! Oh and Cress! I’m desperate for that.

  • Giselle @ Book Nerd Canada

    I really loved INTO THE STILL BLUE, I hope you like it too. I think it was my favourite out of the trilogy! OOhh CRESS 😛

  • Ninja Girl

    I’m looking forward to Perkins next book as well–and personally, I just really need to read Siege and Storm!! On goodreads, it says I’ve been reading for months but…I haven’t :(. Need to get to this one. Also, I love that your list is mostly series books b/c that means you really enjoyed the previous books :). Great list!
    Ninja Girl

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