Day 2 – Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge

Day 2 – Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge

book blogger challenge

What is the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge you might ask? Find out more here.



Book Blogging Pros

Not listed in any particular order….

[list icon=”icon: smile-o”]
  • Connect with bookish people
  • Spread the love of my favorite books
  • More exposure for my design brand
  • Connect with Authors
  • Connect with other Readers
  • Access to favorite books quicker
  • Access to ARCs and early release copies
  • Flexing my writing muscle…
  • Become famous and take over the world…eventually
  • Big bucks with my affiliate cash (joke!)
  • Keep informed about bookish events and fun things
  • Learn about great books for similar readers
  • Justification of time spent on computer
  • Justification of book hoarding
  • Justification of not having to talk to real people (I’m reading!)
  • Free books!
  • Other people actually get my vampire and werewolf obsession
  • I get to write stuff and people comment and say it’s awesome…
  • Access to publishers and learn about the publishing industry

Book Blogging Cons

Not listed in any particular order….

[list icon=”icon: frown-o”]
  • Drama Drama Drama
  • Reading can become a chore
  • Pressure to post
  • Pressure to deliver quality content
  • Hours spent online
  • Headaches of troubleshooting CMS programs
  • Hackers
  • Google
  • Judgey Judgerpants, always critiquing everything I do…
  • The TBR pile

I’m sure you have your own Pros & Cons list…let us have it!


Rachel, whom you might know as Parajunkee, is the blog owner of and the design blog Rachel has been blogging for over to five years, designing / web programming for over twelve, but her real love, reading, has been her favorite hobby since childhood. Rachel has won numerous awards for her writing, the blogs she has created and her design work.

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  • Roberta R.

    “Justification of time spent on computer
    Justification of not having to talk to real people (I’m reading!)
    I get to write stuff and people comment and say it’s awesome…”


    And Google as a con – that’s funny as well.

    Pressure is an issue for everyone of us – even for a small blogger like me. But if we manage to keep it under control, we can get so rewarded. I guess ;D.

  • Kristen H.

    Justification to Book Hoarding… :) Love it!

  • Insightful Minds

    My list looks extra small compared to yours! Then again you have been at this longer lol.

    I agree with the pressure to post.
    One of my resolutions was to post daily — but sometimes, I feel like I HAVE to post && this is all supposed to be fun 😀 — I know that sounds bad, but I also know you get what I am saying lol

  • Bookworm Brandee

    I like your list of both pros and cons. (I hope you take over the world sooner rather than later! 😉 ) I think I would add the worry over #s to my cons list…I try not to care but can’t help wondering what I did wrong when someone stops following me. :(

  • Book Cove

    Funny that I just made a post about this a couple of days ago and then ran across this today. Listed is a bunch of stories of cons, but I’m working on a part II of the list for pros. I completely agree with your lists!

  • Terri M LeBlanc

    Great list. As a new blogger there is so much for me to look forward (or not look forward) too!

  • Kate Towery

    I hate those judgey judgerpants! Love, love your pros because your posts are awesome! ;]

  • Kristin @ My ParaHangover

    I was too chicken to put access to ARCs and free books… I try so hard to let it be NOT about that but…. yeah… I’m a book whore. I’m gonna need rehab :)

    GREAT list! Very honest *glove clap*!

    Again, thanks for organizing this :)

  • Nordie
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  • Lizzy Lessard

    The pressure to post really got to me this year. It made me procrastinate more and more and altogether stop posting. When I have no pressure to post, then I actually enjoy posting and do it more often.

    I wish my husband considered my time online as justified. My New Years resolution was to have my book ready to be submitted to a publisher by the end of the year. No pressure, right? Lol. He thinks that I’ve been working on it non-stop instead of blogging almost non-stop, LOL.

  • Rachel

    Love your list of pros and cons. Especially this – “Become famous and take over the world…eventually” though I am pretty sure you’re already famous. So part of that statement is already true.

    And agree with your cons, too. There’s so much pressure to “perform.” I haven’t found reading a chore yet, though. I think it’s because while I might feel like not picking up a particular review book, there’s always some book that catches my eye and I just read that one instead.

    Sorry you get hackers, tech woes and judgy judgerpants! Hopefully 2014 will have less of those cons.

    • Parajunkee

      Sure…lol. I haven’t read at all this holiday season. Except my kid’s new books.

  • Kim Justice

    First let me say thank you for this Challenge. Second, I also love the access to books and the arc’s are so awesome and then getting the book once it is in print. I like seeing if there are any real changes or if they stayed true except the spelling. I even enjoy the arch’s with all the little flaws because it lets me know that the author is human.. lol.. I know, but it shows me that even I could write if I wanted to .

    • Parajunkee

      Oh that is a great point. Some ARCS though are soo spot on – I guess those authors are aliens.

  • Ellie M.

    Totally agree about reading becoming a chore, great points!

    • Parajunkee

      I know, it is terrible.

  • Captain Bec

    Those are fantastic Pros! A lot of things that never even crossed my mind to put on my list. And those cons I can relate to (well, except the drama because so far I haven’t encountered any and hope it stays that way)

    • Parajunkee

      *crosses fingers* you don’t have to.

  • alexia561

    Love your pros & cons list, and can relate to almost all of them! I’ve given up on taking over the world, but do love all the fellow bookaholics I’ve met who share my urban fantasy obsessions! And I almost choked with laughter at your Judgey Judgerpants comment. Too funny!

    • Parajunkee

      Thanks. I’m still hoping that my superpower will kick in and then taking over the world will be easier.

  • Midnyte Reader

    Judgey Judgerpants…hah! I like the justification of not having to talk to people. I read on my lunchhour and people mistake it for me not having anyone to have lunch with.

    • Parajunkee

      LOL – people are asshats.

  • Rainy Dayz Reviewz

    You thought of a lot more than I did… but you’ve been doing this a lot longer too.

    • Parajunkee

      I uh – didn’t hold back.

  • Tanya Davis

    Oh you have a great Pros list! I agree with all of them. I kept mine down to 3 as I tend to get long-winded. Example… Day 1

    • Parajunkee

      I tried to be long winded with this one. LOL

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  • Mary @ BookSwarm

    Yeah, that TBR pile gets me sometimes! But I keep on powering through. Definitely YES to all your pros especially the whole becoming famous thing. Isn’t that why we do this, after all? *snort*

    • Parajunkee

      That was why I started doing this… really.

  • Nicole Hewitt

    I haven’t run into much judgement – thank goodness!! I think the bigger your blog is the more people think they deserve to share their criticism though. She’s got a huge blog – she can take it! :-0

  • Cait

    Oh, gosh, yes…the drama can be unreal. And reading becoming a chore? Hate that. I want to do this because I love it not because I “have to”.

  • Jay Riv

    Great list! Love the justifications!

    FYI-Link list is having errors. Unable to enter my link or view any links. :(

  • KingWease

    I love “justification of not having to talk to real people.” Haha! I hear you there!

  • Alexandra

    ahahaha yes! This is how I justify my book hoarding/spending. I mean, how else will I let others know? We’re doing a public service!

  • Becky B.

    Nice, blogging is a great way to justify a book hoarding habit. :)

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  • Terri Bynum

    Judgey Judgerpants….hee hee
    and I too use books as an excuse not to interact with actual human beings,lol. Hey-the way I see it, there are WAY more obnoxious snubs out there than being engrossed in a good book. :-)

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