Day 1 – Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge

Day 1 – Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge


Day 1: My Blogger Resolutions

Happy New Year’s my fellow bloggers & readers & just straight up awesome people. Today is the first day of the Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge and here are my New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Work on my Content.

I let my content slip BIG time in 2013. Granted 2013 was the year of a series of unfortunate events, so I am giving myself a bit of leeway. I’m also hoping to introduce a few new reviewers for the team, to make this a bigger joint adventure.

2. Network

I’ve also been slacking on getting out there and meeting new bloggers. I used to make a point of doing this all the time, but I’ve let things slip lately. Not anymore, New Year’s resolution…get out there and make new friends!

3. Get Creative

I’m always trying to push the envelope and do things a little bit differently. It is very easy to just follow a set path of what others have done before me, but I’m going to try and make it a point of introducing new types of things that haven’t been done before.

4. Challenge the Blogging Parts

I want to expand the Blogging Tips section of my repertoire, so I’m challenging myself to make things even more exciting in that arena. Not just tips, but more things like this Challenge.

Rachel Rivera

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Rachel, whom you might know as Parajunkee, is the blog owner of and the design blog Rachel has been blogging for over to five years, designing / web programming for over twelve, but her real love, reading, has been her favorite hobby since childhood. Rachel has won numerous awards for her writing, the blogs she has created and her design work.
  • Danny Bookworm

    Happy New Year! And thanks for this Challenge, it comes at the right time as I felt like last year was not my best blogging year. And going into my 4th year, I decided most of my resolutions circled around getting back to basics, meaning do more networking just like you and some other things.

    I should also have added getting more creative as I always love to do new things, but get a little sad when they not work out. But I tried so many new things in the beginning of blogging and maybe I should get back to this too!

  • Terri M LeBlanc

    I was so excited when I found your blog last night. As a new Blogger, I look forward to this challenge!

  • Roberta R.

    Quote: “I’ve also been slacking on getting out there and meeting new
    bloggers. I used to make a point of doing this all the time, but I’ve
    let things slip lately. Not anymore, New Year’s resolution…get out there
    and make new friends!”

    This is one of my top resolutions as well. And the main reason why I decided to join this challenge! Also keen on the “get creative” part, but I still need to ponder how.

    Thanks for the challenge and have a super new year!

  • Kristin @ My ParaHangover

    I agree, thanks for “throwing” this party! Any way to look back and look ahead with everyone is always appreciated!!! And I thought you had a great year! You had a ton a changes that totally pushed everyone to change and keep up!!!

    Happy New Years… thanks for everything YOU do!!

  • N

    My post will be up in a bit but in the mean time (allowing you to take part in #2!) – do you have a twitter hashtag for this? Would allow you and others to find others taking part who arent necessarily commenting here….

  • Kate Towery

    I love this challenge because not only is it fun, but it’s also pushing me to keep on track with my New Years promises to blog more and interact more. You really contribute so much to our community and I just want to say thanks! Good luck with your goals!

  • Stephanie Verhaegen

    This challenge is so much fun. A great way to start the new year! 😀

  • Trish Hannon

    I love getting focused and making resolutions. Fingers crossed I can keep them. I love your be creative one, that is one of my aims too and the one I think will bring me the most satisfaction in the long run.

  • Shari Delighted Read

    Thank you for the challenge! I needed a kick in my tush to get out of my funk and hoping this helps me really think about things and formulate plans.

    2013 was a tough year for you. We all have them and sometimes we need to just step away for a bit and regather. Creativity is huge and sometimes I lack it, but I am always blown away with what you come up with!

    Good luck on all of your New Year’s Resolutions!

  • Lizzy Lessard

    It sounds like you have great things planned. Can’t wait to see what’s next from you, Rachel. :)

  • Mary @ BookSwarm

    I like the Blogging Tips section — even after almost 4 years of blogging, I can use some tips (especially with coding and such. I’m hopeless with it!). Some great resolutions! Cheers to 2014!

  • Kristen H.

    Lots of great plans for this year! And thanks for hosting this, I really needed to think about the coming year. :)

  • Dabin Han

    I love your new blog design! I hope we can all hold up our blogger resolutions :)

  • Nordie
  • Becky B.

    Great resolutions, yeah definitely have to agree with you on number 2 I know I don’t network enough either.

  • Farhana

    Thanks for hosting this Rachel! :) I enjoyed writing my resolutions this year. It gives me something to really strive towards :)

  • Midnyte Reader

    I would love for you to give me some challenges! LOL. That is a great list.

  • Tanya Davis

    I think more challenges to go along with the blog tips would be a great idea. I could definitely use the help! Networking was on my list too. I really want to get to know more bloggers.

  • Cindy’s Love of Books

    Thanks Rachel for doing this. I am taking part :) Happy New Year

  • Rachel

    Love your goals for 2014 and yay for new challenges! As I think you are already hugely creative, I am astounded by the fact that you’re adding creativity to the list. But yay for pushing the envelope.

  • Cherie Colyer

    I’ve always thought you have great content! I’m looking forward to continuing to follow your blogging tips. Happy New Year =)

  • alexia561

    I already think you’re creative and have great content, so your goals should be pretty easy to hit this year! Happy New Year!

  • Kathryn Trask

    I am not joining your challenge, but I will be following it with interest. Love to have more blogging tips! Thanks for the work you did on my blog in 2013, still loving it.

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  • Captain Bec

    Fantastic goals! A few of these things are what I’d like to work on for my blog too. I really need to network more (but I’m shy and the thought of interacting is really scary, even over the internet) and I’d love to get more creative.

    I look forward to seeing some of the changes you make, and seeing these new blogging tips your planning :)

    Good luck! I hope you achieve these

  • Bookworm Brandee

    You’ve set some great goals! I’d like to work on a few of these same things myself. :)

    I hope 2014 is a much better year for you, Rachel. Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year!

  • Create With Joy

    Happy New Year to you Rachel! I’ve always loved your blog and I look forward to seeing where the new year leads! Love your new look too! :-)

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  • Jamie (Jay Riv)

    Great goals! I can’t wait to see what new blogging tips you share with
    us! I always love reading those. Networking is a weakness of mine
    too. Thanks for this challenge! I have been loving it!

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