If you are not familiar with Booklikes.com yet, you might want to take a gander over to their little part of the internet. Booklikes describes themselves as:

World’s #1 Blog Platform designed for book bloggers, reviewers, writers – all Book Lovers.

It is a CMS designed just for book bloggers…who needs blogger – when you can have a platform made just for you as a book blogger or author. It’s a pretty nice environment. Most of the book bloggers I know have their main blogs and a secondary booklikes.com blog running. If I was just starting out as a Book Blogger I would have started on Booklikes not Blogger or Tumblr.

Get to the point…

So, that is my ode to Booklikes. If you are familiar with the platform, I do have some very exciting news. If you weren’t aware, I am a designer, web stuff, cover stuff – that sort of thing. Check it out at parajunkee.net . Well, because of that, the Booklikes people asked if I would develop some themes for them. How cool is that?? I mean, I’m like the only designer in there theme store at the present moment. Not to brag or anything. Not bragging I swear. Okay, maybe a little bit.

So, go check them out. Tell me what you think. And if you would like to see a certain type of theme, let me know. I’ll develop it. I’m working on a free one at the moment, along with designs that match my current templates for WordPress and Blogger.

For more information about the themes check out this article by Booklikes.com